Annotation Service

Improve your machine learning & deep learning based models with high-quality, human-annotated data by our in-house teams.

Annotation Service

We build training data for your AI engine, detecting objects, extracting information all in real-time.

We are the platform providers and partnering with us will give you the full control, quality, first point of contact, quicker and better solutions for your training data.

People who are serious about building great AI model need to also be serious about who is creating and the quality of training data.

Our highly skilled and experienced professionals annotate the images and videos with highest quality output, and can be consumed via API into the AI models all in real-time.

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OCLAVI Segmentation
OCLAVI Assured Quality

Assured Quality

Build training label data for computer vision models with our solution and highly skilled professionals for highest quality training data while ensuring the accuracy at highest level.

Our annotation tool and labelling service delivers highest-quality results at a scalable service, which means large amounts of annotation volume can be completed at faster pace with our work force with ease.

Achieve your vision at scale

With our own product and annotation service with enterprise ready

On-time task completion

Enterprise-level SLAs include task on-time completion and with rapid scale up or down to meet your needs.


At OCLAVI, the security of your data is our highest priority with multiple layers of protection across a distributed, reliable infrastructure.

Faster Scaling

We can accomplish large amounts of annotation volume at a faster pace with our expert annotator work force and our API can be easily integrated into your AI engine.

24/7 Support

Each project is paired with a dedicated account manager to ensure your expectations and need are understood properly for easy integrations and on-time completion with highest quality training data.

Affordable Pricing

At OCLAVI, we provide affordable training data with upfront and volume based discounts for highest quality output at a scale.

Domain Expert

As a platform provider, our domain experts understand your vision and requirements for developing tailor-made solutions for your business needs with direct point-of-contact.

The predictive and imperative annotations features you need for the enterprise.

Enterprise ready product and annotation service

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Project we are working on...

Autonomous Vehicle

Detect vehicle movement and its dimension for autonomous driving with continuous learning

Use our video annotation to train the autonomous driving model and make it capable of sensing its environment and moving with little or no human input.

OCLAVI Autonomous Vehicle


Video annotations helps teach robotics to handle manufacturing, energy and health care ai in a much efficient way.

Drone Imagery

Build drone based models using segmentation that paves the way towards complete scene understanding.

Understanding a scene is a core computer vision problem by the fact that an increasing number of applications nourish from inferring knowledge from imagery.

OCLAVI Drone Food Delivery

We’d love to talk about how we can work together

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