OCLAVI Enterprise Edition

Deploy in under 90 minutes on commodity hardware

Deploy rapidly in your environment using only standard hardware and start annotating.

Deployment on your terms

OCLAVI can be installed on the private cloud of a third-party vendor or in an organization's data center. We deploy on your terms, to the cloud, on-premises or hybrid, then follow it up with security, availability, and optional managed services.

On Linux

Leverage all the benefits of Linux including security, flexibility, and low TCO making this the go-to-choice for Enterprise and Cloud deployments today.


Deploy in under an hour on any cloud hardware. Deploy rapidly in your environment using only standard hardware.


Deploy a hybrid approach to stay flexible. By combining public clouds, private clouds, and on-premises resources leaving maximum flexibility to business to explore and expand.

OCLAVI Integrations

Integrations that matter

Deep learning frameworks offer building blocks for designing, training and validating deep neural networks, through a high level programming interface. With OCLAVI, you can feed the annotate data and build your models with continuous learning. We support widely used deep learning frameworks such as PyTorch, TensorFlow, Keras, Chainer, Caffe2, Cognitive toolkit, Yolo, RCNN and MXNet.

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